Our Story

Barrel Creations Co is a family run business that creates stylish and functional furniture and homewares superbly handcrafted out of authentic upcycled oak wine barrels.

Working in the wine business for over 20 years we had an excess of wine barrels taking up space and collecting dust!

Destined for the fire we felt there must be a way to reuse these beautiful memories of our vintages. From a combination of lockdown in Victoria and some extra time on our hands we came up with our first Ultimate Entertainer Barrel and were completely taken aback by the positive response to our first barrel creation.

With a long list of people awaiting a barrel creation we formulated Barrel Creations Co. and came up with many more creative creations. We found a way to upcycle every part of the barrel, including all the spare staves so nothing went to waste.

Every barrel creation is made lovingly by hand to ensure we can deliver the best product to you every single time.

We understand quality and attention to detail is everything!

All barrels are retired working wine barrels and have stored mainly red varietals, giving them a beautiful natural red hue on the interior of the barrels.

Every barrel creation is sanded back by hand and finished with a clear satin varnish or food grade oil and bee's wax mix to accentuate the natural tones in the oak and keep it in top shape for years to come..

We also make custom made designs and oak furniture & homewares on request. Get in touch to find out more!

Here at Barrel HQ we love what we do so that you can love using our products!